What’s Stopping You from Settling into Your Home?


If you’ve been living in your current home for a long time, you might find yourself confused if you don’t find yourself settling in and thinking of this as truly being your home. If this is the case, what’s missing?

It’s situation-dependent of course, and sometimes it’s more than any one thing. Still, addressing this problem with an attitude toward solving it can help you to better understand your own living preferences, helping you to design your homes now and in the future toward your own preferences. Unfortunately, while most of the time, the problems are fixable, there will also be situations where it’s more out of your hands.

Area, Location, and Friends

In the times when it’s out of your hands, where your home is physically situated will likely be the most prominent reason. It might be that you live where you do because of work, and that you have no real love for the area itself. This could even extend to the physical space of where you live, perhaps you took the most convenient property at the time rather than one you felt strongly about. These factors can both be worsened if where you’re living is too far from your friends to see them easily.

All this can combine to take a huge toll on your mental health, and something that you might consider is well worth switching jobs for. Finding a home removals company can take away a lot of the stress associated with a long-distance move, and this can help you to think proactively about where you want to go next.

Decor and Style

Something that you absolutely can address, however, is how the space is designed. When you know that you’re not going to be living somewhere forever, it’s easy to adopt a more temporary attitude toward it. Why bother going through all the effort of decorating if you just have to take it down in a year?

The answer is because it can have a strong impact on your mental health and comfort in your own home, and because a year can feel a lot longer than you might think. Perusing different design styles for your home can help you to get started here, and if you’re not sure what would help your home feel more alive, consider the benefits of house plants.


If you think back to different places you’ve lived where you’ve felt more comfortable, you might also begin to remember memories attached to these places. There can be a nostalgic sentimentality with previous places that you’ve lived, something that can ultimately make up for a lot of the problems that it might have had.

If the situation stated previously applies, where you’re unable to spend regular time with your friends, you might not have had much chance to make these kinds of memories. In this case, arranging a gathering or some sort of event at your home could be a good way to break the ice in this regard and perhaps have you viewing it differently.

Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis
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