Trend Alert: Why Royal Blue French Tip Nails are This Season’s Must-Try


Hello, beauty enthusiasts and trendsetters! Today, we’re diving into a nail trend that’s taking the fashion world by storm: royal blue French tip nails. This striking style is more than just a fleeting fad; it’s a statement of elegance and boldness. In this blog, we’ll explore the allure of this trend, how it has evolved from the classic French manicure, and why it’s an absolute must-try this season. Whether you’re a seasoned nail artist or a beginner looking to spice up your nail game, this post is for you. So, let’s get ready to add a royal touch to our nails!

The Rise of Royal Blue French Tip Nails

The French manicure, with its timeless elegance, has been a staple in the beauty world for decades. Traditionally, it featured a pale pink base with stark white tips, embodying a minimalist yet chic aesthetic. However, as fashion and beauty trends evolved, so did the French manicure. It began to adopt more vibrant and varied hues, reflecting the dynamic nature of contemporary fashion.

Enter the era of royal blue – a color that’s both bold and sophisticated. Royal blue, with its deep and vibrant tones, has become a favorite in various fashion elements, from runway dresses to everyday accessories. Its introduction into nail art, particularly in the form of French tips, has been a game-changer. The royal blue French tip nails emerged as a trend that combines the classic elegance of the French manicure with a modern, edgy twist. It’s a style that resonates with those who love to make a statement with their fashion choices.

Why Royal Blue French Tip Nails are This Season's Must-Try

Why Royal Blue French Tip Nails are a Must-Try

  • Aesthetic Appeal: There’s something undeniably captivating about the color royal blue. It’s a shade that commands attention without being overbearing. When applied to the nails, especially as a French tip, it creates a look that’s both sophisticated and daring. It’s perfect for those who want to add a touch of elegance to their style while standing out from the crowd.
  • Versatility: One of the best aspects of royal blue French tip nails is their versatility. This style can seamlessly transition from day to night, casual to formal. It’s equally stunning when paired with a business suit for a professional setting or a cocktail dress for an evening event. The royal blue tips offer a pop of color that can complement a wide range of outfits and occasions.
  • Seasonal Trend: While royal blue is a color that can be worn year-round, it has a particular charm during certain seasons. In the winter, its deep hue mirrors the depth and mystery of the season. During summer, it brings to mind the vibrancy of clear skies and ocean depths. This seasonal adaptability makes royal blue French tip nails a trend that’s always relevant and stylish.
  • Symbolism of Royal Blue: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, royal blue is a color rich in symbolism. It’s often associated with depth, stability, and sophistication. Wearing this color on your nails can be a subtle nod to these qualities, reflecting a sense of confidence and poise.
  • Trendsetting and Popularity: As seen on runways, in fashion magazines, and across social media platforms, royal blue French tip nails have been embraced by celebrities and fashion influencers. This widespread adoption is a testament to its trendsetting status. By choosing this style, you’re not just keeping up with the trends; you’re making a statement that you’re ahead of the curve in the fashion world.
Why Royal Blue French Tip Nails are This Season's Must-Try

How to Achieve the Perfect Royal Blue French Tip Nails

Achieving the perfect royal blue French tip nails is easier than you might think, and it can be a fun DIY project or a treat at your favorite salon. Here’s how you can get this chic look:

  • Step-by-Step Guide for DIY:
    1. Preparation: Start with clean, well-shaped nails. Push back and trim your cuticles for a neat look.
    2. Base Coat: Apply a clear base coat to protect your nails and ensure a smooth application of color.
    3. Base Color: Once the base coat is dry, apply a nude or light pink polish as the base color. This step is optional if you prefer a more natural look.
    4. Taping for Precision: For a crisp line, use thin nail tape or a sticker guide at the tip of your nails. This will help you achieve a neat and uniform look.
    5. Applying Royal Blue: Paint the tips of your nails with a royal blue polish. Apply two coats for a more vibrant color.
    6. Finishing Touches: Carefully remove the tape or stickers. Once the blue polish is dry, seal your manicure with a clear top coat for extra shine and durability.
  • Professional Tips for Salon Quality:
    • If you’re visiting a salon, ask for a gel or acrylic version for longer-lasting results.
    • Consider asking for a custom mixed royal blue shade that complements your skin tone.
    • For an extra luxurious feel, some salons offer a hand massage and moisturizing treatment as part of the manicure process.
  • Recommended Products:
    • Choose high-quality nail polishes for the best results. Brands like Essie, OPI, and Sally Hansen offer excellent royal blue shades.
    • Invest in a good top coat to prevent chipping and to keep your nails looking glossy.
Why Royal Blue French Tip Nails are This Season's Must-Try

Design Variations and Creative Ideas

Royal blue French tips offer a canvas for creativity. Here are some ideas to inspire your next manicure:

  • Glitter Accents: Add a glitter top coat over the blue tips for a sparkling effect.
  • Matte Finish: For a modern twist, opt for a matte top coat.
  • Mixed Media: Combine royal blue tips with nail art like tiny rhinestones or metallic stripes for an edgy look.
  • Ombre Effect: Blend royal blue with a lighter blue or white for a stunning ombre effect on the tips.
  • Negative Space Design: Experiment with negative space designs, using royal blue as the focal color.

Maintenance and Care

To ensure your royal blue French tip nails look fabulous for as long as possible, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Regular Top Coat Application: Apply a clear top coat every 2-3 days to prevent chipping and to maintain shine.
  • Moisturize: Keep your hands and cuticles moisturized. Dry nails and cuticles can detract from the beauty of your manicure.
  • Gentle Use: Be mindful of your nails. Avoid using your nails as tools to prevent breakage.
  • Touch-ups: If you notice any chips, do a quick touch-up with the same blue polish.


Royal blue French tip nails are more than just a trend; they are a statement of style and sophistication. Whether you choose to DIY or visit a salon, this nail style is sure to add an element of elegance and boldness to your look. Remember, the key to a great manicure is not just the color or style but also the care and maintenance that goes into it. So, embrace this royal trend, experiment with different designs, and most importantly, have fun with it! Your nails are a reflection of your personality, and with royal blue French tips, you’re sure to make a striking impression.

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