Quitting Success: The Best NRTs for Heavy Smokers


It’s widely known that cigarette smoking can lead to numerous serious health conditions. In our “How Does Tobacco Affect Your Immune System” post, we highlighted how the various chemicals contained in cigarettes and tobacco smoke are harmful to the lungs, heart, and other organs in the body. More importantly, tobacco smoke can also affect the immune system, leaving the body vulnerable to infections and diseases.

Fortunately, public perception of smoking has shifted positively over the years. Nowadays, various nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products are available on the market to help people ease or quit their smoking habit. A study from the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews highlights that NRT aims to replace the nicotine that people who smoke usually get from cigarettes so that smoking urges are reduced or stopped altogether. There is also evidence that using a combination of NRT products can increase the chances of successfully quitting.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best NRT products to help heavy smokers quit the habit and care for their health:

Quitting Success: The Best NRTs for Heavy Smokers

Nicotine pouches

One of the relatively newer oral nicotine products available today is the nicotine pouch. Similar to the Swedish snus, these pouches are kept in the mouth to deliver microdoses of nicotine and help smokers quit eventually.

In the US, manufacturers have made nicotine pouches in low strengths easily available. However, heavy smokers may need stronger microdoses of nicotine to help curb the cravings. To help fill this gap, GN Tobacco designed White Fox nicotine pouches that offer stronger nicotine strengths — up to 30mg/g — for more experienced and veteran smokers. These pouches focus on smooth but intense flavors like peppermint and dark smoky tones, which are sensations that may be familiar to heavy and veteran smokers.

Nicotine gum

Of course, among the slew of new oral nicotine products, it’s important to acknowledge the efficacy and popularity of older products. The first ever FDA-approved NRT product was nicotine gum.

Unlike ordinary chewing gum, nicotine gum is chewed a few times and then placed between the cheek and the space below your teeth to help absorb nicotine. The gum can be used every one to two hours to help control withdrawal symptoms. Today, newer brands like LUCY nicotine gum are marketed as a healthier alternative to smoking and vaping. These companies also often offer other oral nicotine products like lozenges and pouches to offer various ways to deliver nicotine.

Quitting Success: The Best NRTs for Heavy Smokers

Nicotine patches

Last but not least, another early form of NRT that has proven effective in helping smokers quit or reduce the habit is the nicotine patch. The patch is applied on the skin to release nicotine into the body.

Before its FDA approval in 1991, the patch was only available by prescription. Today, nicotine patches are easy to find in various stores and for an affordable price. The nicotine patch can also be used alongside other NRTs like nicotine gum or lozenges for heavier smokers who may have to deal with stronger cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Like other NRT products, it’s important to start on the right dose, which depends on how much you currently smoke.

To conclude, there are many alternatives and means of quitting smoking today. The availability and accessibility of NRT and alternative nicotine products make quitting a much less challenging task, as smokers can gradually ease off the habit instead of quitting cold turkey. This significantly reduces the chances of developing withdrawal symptoms and picking up the habit.

Of course, it’s also important to note that there are other quitting resources available to help support one’s smoking cessation journey, such as telephone hotlines and web resources to help people handle the potential side effects of quitting, such as feelings of depression or anxiety.

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