From Office to Evening: Versatile Ways to Wear a Maroon Suit for Men


In the dynamic world of men’s fashion, the maroon suit stands as a testament to style, versatility, and boldness. Often overlooked in favor of more traditional colors, the maroon suit is a hidden gem in the sartorial treasure chest. This blog is dedicated to unveiling the potential of this distinctive attire. Whether you’re preparing for a crucial board meeting or gearing up for a classy evening event, the maroon suit can be your go-to choice. Let’s dive into the art of styling this unique piece from office hours to after-hours.

The Appeal of the Maroon Suit

Maroon, a rich blend of red and brown, is a color that commands attention without being overbearing. It’s a color that speaks of confidence, creativity, and a willingness to step outside the conventional. In a sea of blacks, blues, and greys, a maroon suit cuts a distinctive figure, making it an ideal choice for the man who wants to make a subtle yet impactful style statement.

The versatility of maroon lies in its ability to adapt. It can be as formal or as casual as you need it to be, depending on how you style it. This adaptability makes it perfect for a variety of settings and occasions, setting it apart from more traditional suiting options.

Office-Ready Styling

Dressing for the office doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same old patterns. A maroon suit allows you to infuse personality into your professional attire.

  • A. Suit and Shirt Combinations The key to nailing the office look with a maroon suit is to balance the boldness of the suit with subtlety. A white shirt is a fail-safe option, offering a clean, crisp contrast. For those looking to add a bit more character, light blue or pale pink shirts can complement the maroon without overpowering it. Striped or checked shirts in muted tones can also work well, adding texture and depth to your outfit.
  • B. Choosing the Right Tie The tie is where you can really start to express individuality. A silk navy tie is a classic choice that pairs beautifully with maroon, providing a sophisticated contrast. If you’re feeling more adventurous, consider ties with subtle patterns or textures – think paisleys, polka dots, or knitted ties. These can add an element of interest to your outfit without detracting from the suit’s elegance.
  • C. Footwear and Accessories Footwear should complement the suit and tie. Oxfords or Derbies in black or dark brown are a safe bet. For a slightly more contemporary look, consider brogues or monk straps. When it comes to accessories, less is more. A leather belt that matches your shoes, a sleek watch, and a simple pocket square can pull the whole look together. Remember, the goal is to enhance the suit, not compete with it.

Transitioning to Evening Wear

As the workday ends and the evening beckons, the maroon suit’s true versatility shines. With a few simple tweaks, it can easily transition from a symbol of professional elegance to a beacon of evening charm.

  • A. Dressing Down the Suit The first step in transitioning to evening wear is to relax the look. Replace the formal shirt with a black or charcoal grey turtleneck for a sleek, modern vibe. This not only dresses down the suit but also adds a touch of sophisticated casualness, perfect for dinner dates or evening social events.
  • B. Accessorizing for the Evening Evening events is the perfect opportunity to experiment with bolder accessories. A statement watch or a pocket square with a pop of color can elevate your look. If the occasion is less formal, consider forgoing the tie altogether, or opt for a playful bow tie.
  • C. Footwear Switch Swap out the formal office shoes for something more relaxed yet stylish. A pair of high-quality loafers, either in leather or suede, can complement the suit well. For a more daring look, ankle boots can add an edge to your ensemble.
From Office to Evening: Versatile Ways to Wear a Maroon Suit for Men

Seasonal Considerations

A maroon suit can be a year-round wardrobe staple, with the right adjustments for each season.

  • A. Summer and Spring In warmer months, opt for a maroon suit in a lighter fabric like cotton or a linen blend to keep cool. Pair it with light-colored shirts and loafers for a fresh, seasonal look. Accessories like silk pocket squares or lightweight scarves can add flair without bulk.
  • B. Autumn and Winter During the colder months, layering is key. A slim-fit turtleneck or a woolen vest under the suit can provide extra warmth. Consider pairing the suit with a tailored overcoat in navy or camel for a sophisticated outer layer. Scarves in rich textures and colors can also complement the deep tones of the maroon suit.

Care and Maintenance of Your Maroon Suit

Maintaining the elegance of your maroon suit requires attention to detail:

  • Dry Cleaning: Limit dry cleaning to preserve the fabric’s color and texture. Spot clean minor stains and only dry clean when necessary.
  • Regular Brushing: Use a suit brush to gently remove dust and lint, keeping the fabric pristine.
  • Proper Storage: Hang the suit on a wooden hanger in a breathable garment bag to maintain its shape and protect it from dust.
  • Avoiding Wrinkles: After wearing, let the suit rest for a day before wearing it again to allow wrinkles to fall out and the fabric to recover.
From Office to Evening: Versatile Ways to Wear a Maroon Suit for Men


The maroon suit for men is not just a fashion statement; it’s a testament to versatility and style. For men who choose a maroon suit, it becomes a symbol of their ability to navigate different social settings with ease and confidence. Whether it’s commanding attention in a high-stakes business meeting or adding a touch of sophistication to a casual evening out, the maroon suit for men stands out as a versatile choice. By embracing the unique charm of a maroon suit, men can showcase their personal style in a multitude of settings. This guide aims to inspire you to explore the full potential of the maroon suit for men, ensuring that it becomes a cherished and standout piece in your wardrobe. Remember, the maroon suit for men is more than just a color choice; it’s a reflection of personality, elegance, and an eye for fashion that transcends the ordinary.

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