Get Ahead of the Curve With These Kitchen Trends for 2024


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. It’s where families come together to cook meals and share stories. That’s why it’s so important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to kitchen trends. In this blog post, we will discuss the 25 biggest kitchen trends for 2024, according to design professionals! Stay ahead of the competition and give your home the edge it needs by incorporating these trends into your kitchen design!

#1 – Overstated Hardware

Kitchen appliances have consistently pushed the envelope in terms of technological advances; by 2024, kitchen trends will be no different. Overstated hardware will be a key player in kitchen design in the years to come. Appliances such as ovens with holographic user displays, refrigerators with built-in motion sensors, and kitchen appliances connected to global networks all signal a shift away from basic kitchen tools toward tech-savvy tools designed to simplify kitchen tasks. We might even see AI-powered kitchen aides integrated into many kitchens within a few short years. But whatever the next big kitchen trend turns out to be, one fact is certain: overstated hardware looks set to become increasingly common in the kitchen of the future.

Get Ahead of the Curve With These Kitchen Trends for 2023

#2 – Creative Cabinetry

As kitchen trends in 2024 continue to move away from the cookie-cutter kitchen designs of yesterday, creative cabinetry is becoming the go-to option for those looking for a truly custom kitchen experience. Combining functionality with modern style, creative cabinetry allows homeowners to bring their kitchen vision to life with its myriad of options and customized configurations. Not only does it offer a wide range of styles and materials to choose from, but it also provides an opportunity for homeowners to inject unique features like multi-colored accents or eccentric shapes that take the kitchen design game up a notch. Ultimately, creative cabinetry is giving kitchen trend enthusiasts a chance to create kitchens they never thought possible.

#3 – Stone Slabs

Kitchen trends for 2024 are taking a decidedly natural turn with the incorporation of stone slabs for both kitchen design and kitchenware. Those who prefer high-end sophistication are turning to granite, marble, sandstone and travertine for use as kitchen countertops, shelves and backsplashes. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, stone provides a hard-wearing yet mostly heat-resistant surface with superior durability compared to other materials like wood or laminate. Kitchenware made from slabs of stone provide food preparation tasks such as cutting vegetables or forming dough easier to complete due to its erosion-resistant qualities – leading kitchen aficionados everywhere to make stone one of the top kitchen trends in 2024.

Get Ahead of the Curve With These Kitchen Trends for 2023

#4 – Painted Islands

As kitchen trends in 2024 continue to prioritize comfort, many homeowners are finding themselves drawn to the idea of ‘painted islands’ – kitchen islands painted with vibrant colors and murals to bring a sense of cheerfulness and personality into the kitchen. Not only do these painted kitchen islands liven up an otherwise plain kitchen, they also act as conversation starters during dinner parties, giving everyone something interesting to talk about while they enjoy their meal. In terms of kitchen trends, this improvement can provide excellent value for investment as its impact is both visual and emotional – it brings life and joy into the kitchen.

#5 – Mixed Metals

Mixing metals is an on-trend kitchen design theme that is projected to remain popular in 2024. Homeowners are combining both traditional styles and modern touches in their kitchen decor, including the clever use of mixed metals like copper, silver, and bronze. Not only are different metals being combined, but also kitchen fixtures like faucets, lighting fixtures, and cabinet hardware can come together in a unique display of textures and finishes. By mixing multiple metallic shades within the kitchen space, homeowners have the ability to customize their kitchen look to match their personal tastes as well as complement other kitchen elements.

Get Ahead of the Curve With These Kitchen Trends for 2023

#6 – Butcher-Block Islands

Butcher-block kitchen islands are one of the most stylish kitchen trends to enter 2024. These moveable kitchen islands boast butcher blocks made of beautiful, resilient hardwood and add a natural warmth to any kitchen. The island’s design houses ample drawers, cabinets and even space in some models for a kitchen sink or cooktop. And with a variety of sizes from which to choose, it’s easy to find the perfect option for just about any kitchen space. The classic charm and beauty of this kitchen trend is certain to be popular well beyond 2024 as these kitchen islands offer both practical storage and a timeless touch that will elevate any home cooking experience!

#7 – Lower Kitchen Drawers

As kitchen trends in 2024 have become more conceptual and streamlined, lower kitchen drawers are quickly becoming the new kitchen fixtures of choice. Unlike upper kitchen cabinets that take up space, lower kitchen drawers offer a neat way to store kitchenware and small appliances easily out of sight. Not only do lower kitchen drawers save valuable countertop and cabinet space, but they also eliminate inconveniently placed knobs and pulls that sometimes obstruct views from kitchen windows or block off important countertop workspace. As the kitchen continues to evolve with the changing times, incorporating lower kitchen drawers is an important step toward transforming any kitchen into a practical and useful sanctuary.

Get Ahead of the Curve With These Kitchen Trends for 2023

#8 – Brights Mixed With Woods

To spice up kitchen designs in the year 2024, kitchen trends are leaning towards bright colors mixed with natural woods. These kitchen designs are an exciting combination of both classic and modern looks. By using contrasting materials like bold, colored countertops and sleek, natural wooden cabinets, a kitchen can be transformed into an eye-catching masterpiece. The result is a vibrant and inviting kitchen that brings a unique energy to the home. This trend has become increasingly popular over the last few years and is sure to excite in 2024. Whether wanting to draw one’s eye toward certain spots or referencing classic kitchen styles from earlier times, this kitchen trend is both aesthetically pleasing and timelessly fashionable.

#9 – Marble Slab Backsplashes

Marble slab backsplashes are one of the kitchen trends for 2024, offering a timeless and sophisticated style that adds to the kitchen’s design. Incorporating marble into a kitchen design is a great way to make a statement, as it offers a luxurious texture and upscale look. Marble backsplashes are especially popular, chosen among homeowners and kitchen designers alike. They bring elegance that can’t be found in any other kitchen feature. Not only do they give off vibes of sophistication, but they also have practical functions such as protecting walls from splatters while cooking. All in all, marble slab backsplashes give kitchens an updated modern look that will never go out of style!

Get Ahead of the Curve With These Kitchen Trends for 2023

#10 – Secondary Kitchen Spaces

It is predicted kitchen trends in 2024 will focus on secondary kitchen spaces. Designers are predicting the kitchen of the future will include 2 workstations, one primary kitchen and a smaller secondary kitchen. Secondary kitchen spaces may be equipped with a kitchen island, pantry or bar area which can hold appliances such as a refrigerator, washer/dryer combo unit and even a warming drawer. This additional space provides homeowners with ample room for meal preparation, storage and organization for everything from food items to small kitchen appliances. It also creates an opportunity for creative home decor ideas that embrace multi-purpose function and flexibility in style whether its modern farmhouse or industrial chic.

#11 – Wood Cabinetry

Wood cabinetry is an ever-popular kitchen trend that continues to remain on top in 2024. Homeowners love wood’s natural look and it adds warmth and character to any kitchen. In addition, wood kitchen cabinets are more durable than those made with other materials and can be custom designed to meet most kitchen needs. Plus, wood cabinetry integrates seamlessly with many different kitchen design styles, including contemporary, rustic, transitional, industrial, and traditional. With a variety of sizes, shapes, finishes and stains available – the possibilities are truly endless!

Get Ahead of the Curve With These Kitchen Trends for 2023

#12 – Blue and Green Kitchens

Some kitchen trends that have been gaining traction in 2021 have included incorporating blues and greens into kitchen designs. According to experts, this trend is expected to remain popular in 2024, as the color combination of blue and green has the amazing power to create a comforting atmosphere while offering eye-catching style. Blue kitchen cabinetry paired with bright green accessories or kitchen island surfaces not only creates a striking contrast but will also make your kitchen stand out from the rest. Add accents that include hues of turquoise, seafoam and olive to give your kitchen more depth, without compromising on its aesthetically pleasing appeal.

#13 – Wallpaper Backsplashes

Wallpaper backsplashes are gaining traction and popularity among kitchen trends for 2024. There are so many creative and exciting design options out there from simple, subtle prints to bright, elaborate wallpaper. Wallpaper can add a lot of personality and style to a kitchen, or be used as an accent piece to draw attention to an otherwise average kitchen layout. You can easily give your kitchen an elegant makeover in an affordable, unique way without having to replace all of the counters or cabinets. Whether you want to create a bold statement or keep it understated and classic, wallpaper backsplashes provide endless design possibilities for any kitchen looking for some 21st-century flair.

#14 – Swaths of Stone

With kitchen trends for 2024 seeming ever-shifting, one constant is the desire for texture and edginess that swaths of stone can provide. In a kitchen dominated by sleek lines, granite countertops and stone backsplashes supply contrast with opulence and give it an atmosphere of ultimate sophistication. There’s no better way to bring your kitchen up-to-date than introducing this timeless material into your design. Choosing from among slabs, tiles or even pieces put together like a mosaic can add depth and shape to kitchen design elements such as wall surfaces, flooring, sinks, islands and more. Homeowners considering a kitchen remodel should take a closer look at the impact swaths of stone make in enhancing the overall kitchen aesthetic.

#15 – Designated Bar Areas

Kitchen trends of 2024 highlight the importance of designated bar areas in kitchen designs; from minibars with ample seating to kitchen islands that double as luxurious entertainment spaces. A designated bar area is a great way to make gatherings and social occasions even more special; you can use the area to create signature cocktails, mix drinks, and store decorative glassware. Not only do designated bar areas provide extra space for guests and beverages, but they also offer an opportunity to inject more personality into your kitchen design. Adding kitchen decor such as brass and copper accents can take your kitchen’s aesthetic up a notch, while built-in shelving provides extra storage options and keeps bottles, glasses, and other accessories organized. Creating a dedicated bar area in your kitchen – whether it be small or large – adds convenience, style, and luxury all at once.

#16 – Sustainable Materials

Recently, kitchen trends have tended toward the use of sustainable materials such as recycled kitchen countertops and cabinets. In 2024, kitchen design will increasingly call for kitchen remodeling that takes into account environmentally friendly materials and renewable resources. Kitchen fixtures like faucets, lighting systems, and appliances are also being designed to be as energy efficient as possible. Additionally, eco-friendly kitchen flooring options such as sustainably harvested wood or cork tiles are becoming more commonplace in kitchen remodeling projects. Ultimately, sustainable kitchen trends in 2023 should take into account the triple bottom line of economic growth, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

#17 – Furniture-Style Cabinets

Kitchen trends currently are all about enhancing style and function, and furniture-style cabinets offer the perfect blend of both. Not only do these kitchen cabinet designs add design appeal, but also plenty of practicality. Furniture-style cabinets feature deep drawers with full extensions glides for maximum storage and come in a variety of attractive finishes, from classic woods to painted colors or laminate options. These cabinets have adjustable legs that allow you to customize the height to best suit your kitchen needs, and they can also match your kitchen’s decor perfectly with decorative accessories such as hardware, handles and glass panel doors. Finally, their sturdy construction ensures lasting quality – no matter how often you reach for things. With furniture-style kitchen cabinets spicing up kitchen trends in 2024, it’s just what any homeowner needs!

#18 – Colorful Backsplashes

It seems kitchen trends in 2024 are taking a colorful turn as more homeowners are turning to colorful backsplashes. Reminiscent of groovy 60’s kitchen designs, these vibrant hues can add character and personality to any kitchen while still keeping the space practical and efficient. From deep blues and greens to bright yellows and purples, kitchen designers are seeing more demand for unique ways to make a kitchen stand out. For the determined DIYer, many guides exist on how to create an ombré with different tiles for a truly eye-catching kitchen sensation!

#19 – Statement Lighting

Statement lighting is quickly becoming one of the top kitchen trends for 2024. Whether expressing a bold or subtle design aesthetic, statement lighting can be used in numerous ways to enhance your kitchen with an extra pop and spark. From coordinating kitchen islands, cabinet exteriors, kitchen appliances, dining room light fixtures, and recessed areas of the kitchen, statement lighting can accent these features while bringing a bit of personality into the kitchen at the same time. For those looking to make a style statement without having to undergo any major kitchen renovations, adding this type of lighting provides an instant impact that’s sure to elevate any kitchen’s look.

#20 – Butler’s Pantries

As kitchen trends in 2024 bring innovative new layouts and designs, one of the emerging standouts is a butler’s pantry. A butler’s pantry has become popular for seeking to maximize kitchen storage opportunities. This space can be used for products, dishes, china, glassware, flatware, chefs’ tools and more. Utilizing the extra space in a kitchen to establish an organized yet accessible butler’s pantry gives cooking professionals – or anyone at home who loves being in the kitchen – ample areas to store kitchen utensils without taking up too much room in main kitchen areas. Larger items like blenders, food processors and stand mixers can also easily find homes in this additional kitchen space. With so many advantages to offer and kitchen styles always evolving, it looks like the butler’s pantry is here to stay as an integral part of modern kitchen design!

#21 – Soft, Natural Materials

Kitchen trends this year continue to focus on soft and natural materials. Soft kitchen tiling, gentle pastel tones, and natural wood elements are all becoming increasingly popular as people strive to create cozy, relaxed kitchen environments that are unpretentious and inviting. Rich hardwoods can be used on island countertops to add texture and contrast, while thoughtfully placed kitchenware items made of clay or linen introduce subtle hues and layers of texture. One can integrate elements like woven baskets for storage or incorporate freshly cut flowers from the garden for an inviting pop of color. By layering these natural materials, kitchen spaces become more comfortable, personal, and enjoyable.

#22 – Bold Choices

Kitchen trends in 2024 will be characterized by bold choices. Homeowners aren’t satisfied with kitchen designs that are safe and mundane, but rather want a kitchen space that is reflective of their unique personalities and lifestyles. Creativity abounds in kitchen renovations as more homeowners begin to explore unique finishes, modern appliances, statement walls, creative tile patterns, and other attention-grabbing kitchen elements. The kitchen of 2024 isn’t afraid to be daring; it will start conversations with its eclectic design shapes, textures, and colors. Homeowners can find just the right combination of kitchen elements to reflect their own style preference while having a kitchen that functions optimally for their particular needs. Who knew bold choices could be so much fun?

#23 – Hidden Electrical Outlets

One kitchen trend expected to dominate in 2024 is hidden electrical outlets. Installing hidden outlets can help keep kitchen appliances safely plugged in and cords tucked away, as well as giving kitchen counters a cleaner look that is aesthetically pleasing. Not having to deal with the clutter of power bars, extension cords, and electronics laying around can also make everyday kitchen tasks more efficient and enjoyable. This trending kitchen feature is one that will likely continue to be popular for many years to come due to its convenience and versatility.

#24 – Handmade Artisan Details

From organic shapes to craft-influenced details, kitchen design is taking on a new look that is both nostalgic and modern. Not only do these details bring an extra layer of warmth and comfort, they also provide an opportunity to create unique kitchen experiences that are special to each homeowner. Handcrafted features including ceramic tile back-splashes, custom wood cabinetry, unique lighting fixtures; or natural wood countertops catch the eye and add a touch of charm to any kitchen space. If you love the look of handmade accents in your kitchen design but don’t want to resort to cookie-cutter details, get creative with artisan accessories this year!

#25 – Elevated Wet Bars

Traditional kitchen spaces are evolving to make dining and entertaining easier, and this kitchen accessory is popping up in kitchen designs across the nation. Wet bars are a functional way to store barware, ingredients and more while also adding visual interest to the kitchen as they come in a variety of styles. The added bonus – easy access for friends, family and guests! For example, warming cabinets for plates or stemware can be placed within reach when needed – avoiding long trips between kitchen and dining room. With kitchen space becoming increasingly important in home design, an elevated wet bar certainly provides an innovative way to upgrade your kitchen area into the perfect entertainment hub.


Not everyone is lucky enough to have a huge kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make it look great. Even if you don’t have the space for a double oven or an island, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your cooking space and keep up with the latest trends. From statement appliances to printed tile, these kitchen trends for 2024 will help you get ahead of the curve and give your guests something to talk about. 

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