Mastering the Art of Suit Jacket Folding: Three Essential Techniques


Traveling with a suit jacket can often be a challenge. The fear of wrinkles, creases, and potential damage can be daunting. But, with the right knowledge on how to fold a suit jacket, these concerns can be alleviated. In this blog, we’ll explore three comprehensive methods that every gentleman should have in his arsenal when it comes to folding suit jackets.

The Tucked-Shoulder Fold

Overview of the Technique:
The tucked-shoulder fold is more than just a method; it’s an art. When pondering how to fold a suit jacket efficiently, this technique often comes up as a top recommendation. It focuses on preserving the jacket’s shape, ensuring that the integrity of its design remains intact.


  • Distributes pressure evenly across the jacket, ensuring that no single point bears excessive strain.
  • The jacket’s lining acts as a protective layer, safeguarding the outer material from potential wear and tear, making it a preferred choice for many who are learning how to fold a suit jacket.


  • Requires a pristine flat surface for optimal folding, which might not always be available, especially during travel.
  • Might take a few tries to master, especially for those new to the world of suit jacket folding.

Expert Tip:
When using the tucked-shoulder fold, ensure that the jacket’s lapels are aligned perfectly. This ensures a neat fold and reduces the risk of asymmetric creases.

Mastering the Art of Suit Jacket Folding: Three Essential Techniques

The Shirt-Style Fold

Quick and Efficient:
For the modern man always on the move, understanding how to fold a suit jacket quickly is crucial. The shirt-style fold offers a rapid solution, mimicking the way you’d fold a regular dress shirt, but with the intricacies of a jacket in mind.


  • It’s a time-saver, perfect for those last-minute packing scenarios.
  • Versatility at its best, as it doesn’t always require a flat surface.


  • The multiple folds can lead to intersecting creases, especially if the jacket remains folded for an extended period.
  • Not the most recommended method for long-term storage or extended travel.

Expert Tip:
While the shirt-style fold is quick, it’s essential to smooth out the jacket with your hands after every fold. This simple action can significantly reduce the risk of unwanted creases.

Mastering the Art of Suit Jacket Folding: Three Essential Techniques

The Jacket Roll

Wrinkle-Free Travel:
If you’ve ever wondered how to fold a suit jacket without a single crease, the jacket roll is your answer. This innovative method involves rolling your jacket, ensuring minimal to no folds, making it a favorite among frequent travelers.


  • The absence of folds means a significantly reduced risk of creases, offering a fresh look upon arrival.
  • Gentle on the jacket’s fabric, ensuring it remains in top condition even after multiple rolls.
  • Offers the flexibility to include other clothing items within the roll, optimizing space.


  • The roll can be bulkier than flat folds, potentially taking up more suitcase space.
  • Achieving a perfect roll might require a few attempts, especially for those new to the technique of how to fold a suit jacket this way.

Expert Tip:
When rolling your jacket, start from the bottom and work your way up. This ensures that the collar and lapels remain intact and free from unnecessary pressure.

General Tips for Transporting a Suit Jacket

Knowing how to fold a suit jacket is just the beginning. Ensuring it remains in top condition during transportation is equally crucial. Here are some enhanced tips:

  • Wear While Traveling: One of the best ways to avoid folding altogether is to wear your jacket. Not only does this ensure it remains wrinkle-free, but it also offers a stylish look during travel.
  • Use a Garment Bag: A full-length garment bag is a game-changer. It allows the jacket to hang naturally, ensuring no folds or creases form.
  • Mind the Folds: If folding is unavoidable, always fold along the jacket’s seams. This simple trick can significantly reduce noticeable creases.
  • Lining Outward: When considering how to fold a suit jacket, always ensure the jacket’s lining faces outward. It acts as a protective layer, reducing potential damage to the jacket’s exterior.


The art of knowing how to fold a suit jacket is invaluable for the modern gentleman. With the right techniques, your jacket can remain in impeccable condition, no matter where your travels take you. Practice these methods, refine your skills, and ensure that every destination sees you in a perfectly crease-free suit jacket. Safe travels and stylish journeys ahead!

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