How To Exfoliate Your Face: The Easy 7-Step Guide


When it comes to skincare, exfoliation is one of the most important steps that you can take. It helps remove dead skin cells, dirt, and other impurities from the surface of your skin, leaving you with a brighter, smoother complexion. In this easy 7-step guide, we will show you how to exfoliate your face like a pro!

What Is A Face Scrub?

Before we get into the steps, let’s first answer the question: what is a face scrub? A face scrub is a type of exfoliating product that usually comes in the form of a gel, cream, or powder.

It contains small particles (often made from ingredients like sugar, salt, nuts, seeds, or rice) that help to slough away dead skin cells and other impurities.

Face scrubs can be used on all skin types, but those with sensitive skin should be extra careful when choosing a product (more on that later).

Now that we’ve answered the question, “what is a face scrub?” let’s move on to the steps.

How To Exfoliate Your Face: The Easy 7-Step Guide

How To Exfoliate Your Face: The Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Step One: Choose The Right Face Scrub

As we said before, all skin types can benefit from using a face scrub. But it’s important to choose the right product for your skin type.

If you have sensitive skin, look for a face scrub that contains gentle exfoliating ingredients(like sugar, salt, nuts, seeds, or rice) and avoid products with harsh chemicals.

You should also steer clear of physical exfoliators (like scrubs with beads or shells) as they can be too abrasive for sensitive skin.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, look for a face scrub with salicylic acid or glycolic acid. These ingredients will help to unclog pores and prevent breakouts.

If you have dry skin, look for a face scrub that contains hydrating ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, or jojoba oil. These ingredients will help to nourish and moisturize your skin.

Step Two: Wet Your Face

Before you start scrubbing, it’s important to wet your face with warm water. This will help to open up your pores and prep your skin for exfoliation.

Step Three: Apply The Scrub

Now it’s time to apply the scrub. Take a small amount of product and massage it onto your face in circular motions. Be sure to avoid the area around your eyes.

Step Four: Rinse Your Face

After you’ve scrubbed your face for a minute or two, it’s time to rinse it off with warm water.

Step Five: Apply A Moisturizer

Once you’ve rinsed off the scrub, apply a moisturizer to your face. This will help to hydrate your skin and keep it looking healthy.

Step Six: Apply A Face Mask

Once a week, you should also apply a face mask to further improve the health of your skin. Choose a mask that’s suitable for your skin type and follow the instructions on the package.

Step Seven: Enjoy Your Soft, Smooth Skin!

Now that you know how to exfoliate your face, you can enjoy the benefits of soft, smooth skin. Remember to exfoliate at least once a week for the best results.

Should You Use A Face Scrub Daily?

You might be wondering if it’s okay to use a face scrub every day. The answer is that it depends on your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, you should only exfoliate a few times a week. However, if you have tough, oily skin, you can probably exfoliate daily without any problems. Just be sure to use a gentle scrub.

Your best bet is to see how your skin reacts to regular scrubbing. If you feel irritation and see an increased redness in your complexion, reduce the amount you exfoliate.

How To Store Your Facial Scrub?

When you are done using your facial scrub, the next question is how to store it so it will be ready for your next use. Here are some tips on how to store your facial scrub. 

One option is to put the scrub in a resealable plastic bag and then put it in the refrigerator. This will help keep the product fresh. Another option is to put the scrub in a jar and then store it in a cool, dark place. If you choose this option, make sure to seal the jar tightly after each use. This will help keep bacteria from growing in the product. whichever storage method you choose, make sure to avoid exposing the scrub to extreme temperatures.

Another important tip is to use a clean spatula or another tool to scoop out the scrub from its container. This will help prevent bacteria from contamination. Finally, make sure to wash your face with a gentle cleanser before applying the scrub. This will help remove any dirt and oil that could clog your pores.


The skin is the body’s largest organ and it needs to be taken care of in order to look and feel its best. Exfoliation is one key step in taking care of your skin.

Now that you know how to exfoliate your face like a pro, it’s time to put this knowledge into practice! Follow our easy 7-step guide and get ready to unveil smoother brighter skin. Have you tried any of these methods before? Do you have any tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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